We at Encompass Health recognize the importance of good corporate citizenship and are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. We regularly consider environmental, social, and governance issues in our business, and we currently publish certain information typically found in sustainability reporting. However, we understand that some investors may value additional information on those efforts. For that reason, we are committed to assembling information and data on our sustainability efforts in one place and making them readily available here on our website.

We look forward to telling our story here. Encompass Health has many corporate policies, programs, initiatives and ongoing efforts that contribute to creating a sustainable company and making it a responsible corporate citizen, including:

  • our commitment to clinical excellence as evidenced by our hospitals consistently achieving patient outcomes, in terms of functional improvement, that exceed industry averages and our home health patient care star rating and patient satisfaction levels above the industry average as well as 100+ of our hospitals achieving disease-specific certifications from The Joint Commission’s Disease-Specific Care Certification Program,
  • our leadership in developing and implementing electronic clinical and management information systems,
  • our comprehensive efforts to adopt best practices in corporate governance,
  • extensive, easy-to-access, routinely updated disclosures on our operations, business strategy, development plans, financial performance, patient/clinical outcomes, future expectations, and clinical and business systems used and assumptions as well as industry and regulatory trends and dynamics,
  • our Standards of Business Conduct and the required annual training on compliance for all of our employees,
  • our employment diversity initiatives,
  • our employee disaster assistance, wellness, leadership, and engagement programs, which we believe, among other things, contribute to the numerous “Best Places to Work” recognitions we have received,
  • our programs related to patient and employee safety,
  • community involvement by hospitals and our employees,
  • corporate sponsorship of many charitable causes, including several foundations seeking cures of disabling diseases, and our formation of a charitable entity to allow for volunteer work at our hospitals as well as corporate and employee donations to assist others in disaster relief situations,
  • identification of vendors with sustainability and diversity practices so that our hospitals may consider those practices when placing orders,
  • our efforts relating to resource use such as water and energy use as well as waste management, and
  • our environmentally conscious design and construction initiatives, including the receipt of a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Healthcare Gold Award for one of our newly built hospitals.

Over the next several months, we will be posting new pages here in our Investor Relations site which tell our story. We encourage those interested to check back regularly for new postings as well as ongoing updates to the information in the future.