Change agility

Change Agility

Demonstrated ability to adapt across economic cycles and in the face of numerous and significant regulatory and legislative changes

Strategic relationships

Strategic Relationships

Joint ventures with acute-care partners comprise one-third of Encompass Health’s inpatient rehabilitation hospital portfolio.

Formed Post-Acute Innovation Center in collaboration with Cerner Corporation to develop enhanced tools to manage patients across the continuum of care

Partnered with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association to jointly work to elevate national and local awareness that stroke is treatable and beatable through rehabilitation and community support

Quality of patient outcomes

Quality of Patient Outcomes

Outcomes exceed national industry standards.

Cost effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Treatment of more medically complex patients at lower average costs than other post-acute providers through superior clinical protocols, economies of scale, and technology-enabled business processes.



Encompass Health benefits from favorable demographic trends and the nondiscretionary nature of many conditions treated.