Where can I find account information about my shares of Encompass Health stock?

If you hold Encompass Health stock through a brokerage account, contact your stock broker for account information. Otherwise, to access your account information, change your address, or sell or transfer shares, please contact Encompass Health’s stock transfer agent, Computershare, at (877) 456-7913. Current and former employees should contact Encompass Health’s employee benefits department at (800) 500-3401.

Where can I find historical prices for Encompass Health stock?

Previous closing prices can be found at investor.encompasshealth.com under “Stock Quote Information.”

What was the date of Encompass Health’s last stock split?

Encompass Health stockholders approved a one-for-five reverse stock split effective on October 26, 2006, to coincide with Encompass Health’s relisting on the New York Stock Exchange.

Additional history can be found under “Dividend and Stock Split History“.

Has Encompass Health always traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol EHC?

On January 23, 1984, Amcare was incorporated in Birmingham, Alabama. The name changed to HealthSouth in 1985. On September 24, 1986, HealthSouth began trading as a public company on the NASDAQ as HSRC. HealthSouth began trading on the NYSE on August 11, 1989 under the ticker HRC. The Company moved to the pink sheets as HLSH in March of 2006 and relisted on the NYSE on October 26, 2006 as HLS. On January 1, 2018, HealthSouth completed its planned name change to Encompass Health Corporation and began trading under the ticker EHC.

I’m a current or former Encompass Health employee. How can I obtain more information on shares purchased through the former employee stock option purchase plan (ESOP), the former employee purchase plan (ESPP) or the current employee stock purchase plan (ESPP)?

Please contact our employee benefits department at (800) 500-3401 and choose option 7 to speak to an Encompass Health representative.

Where can I find a listing of Encompass Health’s Board of Directors and executive management team?

A list of Encompass Health’s Board of Directors and executive management team can be found under the Corporate Governance section of this site.

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